Hirox 3D Digital Microscopy

Hirox Co Ltd. is an optical lens company in Tokyo, Japan that created the first digital microscope in 1986. 
Hirox's main industry is digital microscopes and still retains the making and manufacturing of optical lenses for its digital microscopes systems.

Hirox's current digital microscope systems are the KH-8700, KH-7700 and the KH-1300. The KH-1300 connects to a desktop computer, and all the measurement software runs through the computer. The KH-8700 & KH-7700 is a complete stand alone system and has features such as 3-D rotation, High Dynamic Range, 2D and 3D measurement, Enhancements and etc. The high quality optical, mechanical, and lighting designs give the Hirox 3D Digital Video Microscope Systems the highest optical inspection power with a variety of options and adapters, including the 3D rotary head adapter which makes the system one of the most versatile systems for straight and unique inspection.

As lens makers we believe that a good optical image is more important and images based on optics retains its originality without digital enhancement to preserve the actual realistic image. Because the magnification in digital microscopes are normally 40-60% larger compared to optical microscopes, images in Hirox digital microscopes may result in larger image & better resolution compared to conventional microscope systems.