Lib - Industrial Environmental Test Chamber

LIB INDUSTRY is a handful of companies in China , currently providing environmental test chambers and reliability testing. The compact nature of our company enables us to maintain a high degree of flexibility in our manufacturing processes, thus bespoke test chambers are one of our specialities.

Our standard range of test chambers includes bench top and floor standing models, across temperatures ranging between -65℃ and +150℃ (from -80℃ to +200℃ for specific applications), and humidities between 10% and 98% RH.

In addition to our standard machines we design and built a number of chambers for environmental testing:

Temperature & Humidity Testing
Temperature Testing
Ozone Climatic Testing
Salt Spray Corrosion Testing
Thermal Shock Testing
Aging testing
Solar Energy PV Device Testing
Dust Ingress Testing
Water Resistance Testing IPX1-8
UV Weather Testing
Xenon Lamp Weather Resistance Testing
Oven ( Industrial Use) Testing
SO2 Chamber
Walk-in Rooms